• Aimal Tower B-17 Islamabad

    Aimal Tower Islamabad is yet another erection on the M1 Motorway in Islamabad. It is in close proximity to the airport and all the necessary facilities of education and health. The best part is, Aimal towers is neighbouring many new residential projects which make it a place 100% comfortable for habitation.

    The Ravishing Structure

    Aimal Tower is built amidst the beauty and artistry of the capital, Islamabad. It maintains strict and elite construction standards for an alaa mode lifestyle. The building stands steadfast, ready to beat the worst of weathers and to defend the privacy of the residents come what may.

    The Many Home Plans

    Aimal Towers has 5 different layouts for units. They vary in sizes, structure, and accommodating capacities. Type XL is the executive home plan. Type A1 and A follows. Then there are Type B and C apartments to help find the best match for the home seekers given their aptitude.

    Aimal Tower Islamabad Amenities

    Aimal Tower Islamabad is a lifetime residence where you find all the needs, comforts, and luxuries together. The tower has lifts, standby generators, foolproof security, a high-end management system, and all that you need for an ultra-modern lifestyle. There are parks and playgrounds nearby to have your kids play when its time. Aimal Towers also reserves a gymnasium where you get your body in shape. Isn’t it all that you wanted?

    Secure Gated and Maintained

    Aimal Towers is not just tastefully smart and tangibly inclusive; it is also functionally up to snuff. It provides round the clock security not just to the residents but to the building and its owned equity.
    Management is keen to uplift security standards by extending the security circle to the physical property of the towers. Security cameras are affixed at necessary intervals to watch all the activities that surround the vicinity. Strict penalties will be introduced in case of security violations by the residents or by outsiders.
    Moreover, Aimal towers place high importance on the maintenance of the apartment. A nominal sum would be collected from all the residents to manage the sanitary, security, and renovations at the building so that the residents will never have to face any trouble.

    Model Apartment Video